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Toddlerhood can be a challenging time for both parents and kids. Understanding more about toddler development can help guide you through this period with insight into your child and hopefully a bit more patience.

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The Importance of Early Childhood Education

It’s the roots that define how strong a tree will be in future and if it will be able to sustain in future. The early days of a child are so important and if nurtured in a suitable way, the child grows, adapts and thrives.

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What is a 360º learning experience?

We wish to see our children as all-rounders in life because a child needs to be equipped with multiple skills to excel in life. We would love our children to be all-rounders but do we give them the resources and the learning in the right direction?

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Solar Energy DIY Educational Kit

One of the most serious issues of today is the pollution caused by non-renewable sources of energy and the rising cost of energy. Coal, petrol, diesel and all the other conventional sources of energy have been exploited so much that they have slowly destroyed the environment.

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How To Make a Volcano

We live in the world which is rapidly evolving and #Technology has a major role to play. It's so important that we equip our children with the modern science concepts to help them become the leaders of tomorrow! Here's a fun science experiment for young science enthusiasts who want to explore how to build a volcano.

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What we need to learn from our children?

Parenting is a journey that's equally beautiful and challenging. Wait, it's much more fulfilling than we imagine! We care and love our children so much and invest in their education and learning.

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You can learn something new everyday if you do it yourself.

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