How To Make a Volcano

  • 13-Aug-2022
  • Posted By : Team PotliBABA

We live in the world which is rapidly evolving and #Technology has a major role to play. It's so important that we equip our children with the modern science concepts to help them become the leaders of tomorrow! Here's a fun science experiment for young science enthusiasts who want to explore how to build a volcano.

This is appropriate for introduction to volcanos and chemical reactions as well. Follow the steps in the video to build your own volcano. We're helping kids explore Science deeply. #PotliBaba Educational Kits are thoughtfully curated keeping all important learning aspects in mind. Designed by Educational Psychologists and Subject Experts these cover a wide range including: #STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths), #Art & Craft, #Sports & Wellness, #Storytelling and fun activities. Get in touch to explore more :)

You can learn something new everyday if you do it yourself.

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