Solar Energy DIY Educational Kit

  • 13-Aug-2022
  • Posted By : Team PotliBABA

One of the most serious issues of today is the pollution caused by non-renewable sources of energy and the rising cost of energy. Coal, petrol, diesel and all the other conventional sources of energy have been exploited so much that they have slowly destroyed the environment.

This is the right time to switch to clean energy like wind energy, electric energy and solar energy. Check out - Solar Energy DIY Educational Kit by PotliBaba. A perfect way to encourage young minds to learn and solve global energy crisis. PotliBaba Educational Kits are thoughtfully curated keeping all important learning aspects in mind. Designed by Educational Psychologists and Subject Experts these cover a wide range including: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths), Art & Craft, Sports & Wellness, Storytelling and fun activities.

Our only goal is to provide a 360º learning experience to our children via: - Curriculum-based mini-projects - Expert-guidance for DIY kits - Assessments by Educational Psychologists Subscribe to PotliBaba Educational Kits to get these delivered at your doorstep each month!

You can learn something new everyday if you do it yourself.

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